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Payoneer Prepaid Cards Users Are in Despair: They Can’t Access Their Money

30 June 2020, 12:26
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The recent financial articles have shocked a big number of people. No, it isn’t another piece of news about cryptocurrency and the growth of Bitcoin value. This time an unpleasant situation happened to Payoneer.

Payoneer Prepaid Cards Users Are in Despair: They Can’t Access Their Money

News about Wirecard’s bankruptcy became a bombshell for Payoneer customers. The thing is that Wirecard is a financial partner of the popular payment system. That is why Payoneer Prepaid Mastercards owners can’t withdraw their funds now.

Is it a tricky fraud?

Experts say that the situation is a well-planned scenario of fraudulent actions. Wirecard falsified many of its reports and the last audit showed that the company lacked almost two billion euros and overvalued its financial indexation considerably. These problems led to the suspension of the company operation, and, as a result, frozen accounts of Payoneer customers.

The users of Payoneer payment services rushed off to the company’s customer support asking it to provide them with access to their accounts. Now they can neither get their money back nor receive other payments to their accounts. The Internet is full of complaints about Payoneer and blocked money. For example, customers write a lot on the company’s Facebook page. They say that the business doesn’t seem like the one managed by professionals. However, the Payoneer team confirms the fact that all users’ funds are safe and secure, and will be returned to them in the nearest time.

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