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Pandemic Fastens Digital Gambling Evolution

12 August 2020, 13:08
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The pandemic has globally changed the way of life, affecting the gambling industry as well. Due to the temporary closure of gambling establishments, players had to look for other ways to spend time. Even the most conservative land-based casino players started playing online.

Pandemic Fastens Digital Gambling Evolution

One of the market leaders, Evolution Gaming operator, claims that during the pandemic, the percentage of online players has noticeably increased, but the online evolution has just begun.

General Director Martin Carlesund claims that 90% of casino revenues are still land-based, and only 10% are online. This suggests that the online evolution has just started. However, Carlesund expects that 50-70% of casinos will be online in the future and that the pandemic has slightly increased the speed. Still, the potential of online casinos has always been there.

Reflecting on the lack of land-based casinos during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlesund suggests that the retail and casino sectors may have shifted towards a more favorable view of digital space. According to the manager, the situation is predicted to be significantly different in the long term. At the same time, up to 90% of casino income remained offline with the pandemic.

The CEO of Evolution Gaming believes that the future situation will be very different from today's rates in favor of online gaming.

Evolution Gaming is the number one solution provider with Live Dealers and is represented in both online and land-based casinos. Each provider receives top industry awards and appears in the most famous casinos worldwide. Evolution Gaming's market capitalization amounts to €1.6 billion.

You can find the games of this provider in many gambling houses. For example, Play Fortuna provides a vast selection of live games on its official website.

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