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Pandemic Didn’t Prevent French Gambling from High Revenues

18 March 2021, 17:18
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The gambling regulatory body – the ANJ (l'Autorité Nationale des Jeux) – that controls the industry in France informed that the online market was thriving during 2020.

Pandemic Didn’t Prevent French Gambling from High Revenues

According to the provided revenue figures, the digital sector attracted many customers who were ready to spend money on this type of entertainment.

Poker, horse racing, and sports betting were in high demand

The ANJ’s report highlights interesting financial news related to the gambling industry in the country. The online vertical’s turnover grew by twenty-two percent in 2020 and reached €1.7 billion. It is important to mention that this revenue is a record high. In contrast to the digital casino market, the retail sector was damaged by the pandemic and lockdown because its sales level dropped considerably.

However, not all sectors of the online gambling industry in France were equally profitable. Three verticals brought the most of the revenue to the market. They are betting on sports and horse racing and poker.

The previous year was marked by €5.3 billion generated from stakes on sports events. The increase in revenue is connected with the growth of the number of bettors in the country. Over one million people became interested in sports betting during 2020. Of course, the first half of the year shook the market significantly, however, the Champions League held in the second half saved the situation and the number of bets grew by sixty-five percent. The acquisition of new players brought €1.5 billion to the sector of horse racing betting. Online poker was booming as well with €446 million generated – a new record. The reason for this is obvious: the lockdown has involved more players in this game.

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