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Pandemic Accelerates the Digital Transformation of Gambling Venues

6 May 2020, 14:47
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The current pandemic will result in a digital transformation in gambling. This process will also involve the entire gambling industry in countries affected by the epidemic.

Pandemic Accelerates the Digital Transformation of Gambling Venues

Experts predict accelerated conversion of lotteries in the USA. The Oregon lottery CEO believes the recovery from the pandemic will trigger a digital transformation in the gaming industry much faster than had been expected. To get more recent information on this subject, look at the most interesting news about the lottery in the world.

Discussing U.S. lotteries during the coronavirus at the SBC Digital Summit – a large online event dedicated to gaming and betting, Oregon Lottery CEO Barry Park suggested that online lotteries are the best way to recover. Gordon Medenica, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming director, emphasized that the current situation could make severe adjustments for the lottery industry.

Today, however, players can already find lottery analogues in online casinos that offer a considerable number of games and entertainment. Gaming houses provide thousands of original games by famous operators. For example, one of the most popular venues Play Fortuna has more than 70 varieties of classic lotteries. Lotteries are also held among all the portal players.

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