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Overwatch League Presents Its Official Voice Supplier

17 December 2019, 13:07
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The Overwatch League has signed a 3-year contract with TeamSpeak, an audio communication platform. According to the agreement, starting from 2020 the league will be integrating the voice supplier into its systems in order to make in-game communication easier and more convenient for users.

Overwatch League Presents Its Official Voice Supplier

Besides, global marketing initiatives are also included in the partnership deal: throughout the season, TeamSpeak will be activating the league’s events. Except for sweepstakes, fans will get an opportunity to win branded prizes as well as tickets to events.

TeamSpeak will develop a user-defined digital solution for the Overwatch League. The solution will be based on the current technology platform which will also take over from the analog systems used in the previous seasons.

According to Ian Bamford, chief executive officer of TeamSpeak, this partnership is a significant step in the development and global implementation of the company’s voice technology. 

As mentioned earlier, the Game Awards 2019 officially announced the names of the best representatives in the gaming industry.

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