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One of Operators Withdraws From 4th UK National Lottery Tender

13 July 2021, 15:07
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The fourth UK National Lottery tender is losing its participants. The Indian lottery operator Sugal & Damani is going to withdraw its bid. Following the latest lottery news, the current UK National Lottery license is due to expire in 2023.

One of Operators Withdraws From 4th UK National Lottery Tender

Operators take part in this contest for the 10-year license that will be active in the UK. At this year contest, there’re 5 participants:

  • Camelot;
  • Richard Desmond;
  • Sisal and Allwyn;
  • Sazka Group;
  • Sugal & Damani.

The participation of the last one is now in question. This news showed up right after the report about Karel Komarek’s interest in launching an Indian Public Offering (IPO) for Sazka Group. The owner of KKCB Group is ready to make London a potential listing place.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will announce the new operator in September 2021. But those companies, which will be left without licenses, will get feedback from the UKGC.

Nearly by £500 million more than 2020

Camelot announced that the National Lottery sales are more than £8 billion for the first time during 2020-2021. It resulted in the highest profit only from sales revenue.

From April 2020 to March 2021, total sales are by £468 million more than last year. Moreover, £1 billion was donated to charity.

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