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Norway's State Operator Sets New Limits to Online Gambling

1 December 2020, 17:34
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Norsk Tipping announced the changes to the online gambling sector that will be actual for the first two winter months. The Norwegian state operator wants to protect citizens from addictive gambling behavior during the period of holidays and limited relocations. Login Casino notes the changes in the gambling legislative sphere and explains in more detail new norms in Norway.

Norway's State Operator Sets New Limits to Online Gambling

The only legal provider of digital gambling in Norway, Norsk Tipping, presented the changes to the gaming industry for the upcoming months. In general, the operator decided to tighten loss-limits and increase pauses between the most popular games. To the list of dangerous ones were included Bingoria, KongKasino, Yezz!, and eFlax.

The monthly limit for these games was decreased by 25% to NOK7500 (€712). The operator also decided to restrict daily loss and dropped the limit by 50% to NOK 2000 (€190). Another interesting step towards reducing the addictive behavior is the increase of mandatory pauses after an hour of gaming - from 1.5 to 15 minutes.

Changes for other casino games

The general changes to other casino games were also applied. Thus, Norsk Tipping has set the lowest-possible bets and pre-selected stakes on casino games.

As the state operator knows the most dangerous target audience, Norsk Tipping also implemented restrictions for advertising. The group of people aged between 18 and 25 won't receive any promo mailing messages. Also, the label 'Popular,' which attracts too much attention, will be eliminated during the regarded period.

The representatives hope that these steps will help in declining the level of addictive behavior among Norwegians. It means that the end of January is the oriented date, and the provider will analyze the situation and can prolong the period of restrictions.

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