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Norway's Lotteritilsynet Responds to Government on Gambling Laws

2 October 2020, 17:36
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The gambling regulating organization Lotteritilsynet suggested several obligatory aspects to the renewed gaming legislation in Norway. The regulator insists on mandatory registration of every punter, blocking foreign-based online platforms, and specific permissions for state providers. Login Casino reviews the situation in Norway and highlights the most important aspects to pay attention to.

Norway's Lotteritilsynet Responds to Government on Gambling Laws

The issue of gambling regulation is an immense field for discussions globally. Norway now is on the way to utilizing their gambling legislation and providing transparent rules for all the sides. Compared to the laws that were presented in the latest gambling news rubric, Norway's approach is conservative enough. Thus, the Lotteritilsynet insists on stricter control of the gaming sector and limiting outside presence on the regarded Nordic market.

What were the cornerstones Lotteritilsynet made in its statement?

The primary aspect that attracts attention is the obligatory registration of all the punters independently of their gambling interest. Moreover, the final decision seems to bring a single governmental database with gamblers. According to the regulator, such a decision has to bring more control and transparency to the sector, preventing underage and uncontrolled punting.

The next crucial innovation may be a state-owned monopoly on the most addictive entertainment. Lotteritilsynet believes that the most dangerous games should be under the full national control only, excluding even local private operators. At the same time, the regulator suggests giving small businesses the ability to provide some sort of gambling services. For instance, non-profit organizations with a turnover smaller than 200 000 Norwegian Krone (about $21,4 thousand) can operate without the additional licensing procedure.

The weirdest sphere seems to be gambling on foreign platforms. Thus, the Norvegian regulator discusses the opportunity to block illegal online offshore gaming platforms. Simultaneously, Lotteritilsynet doesn't know how to react to the issue of loot boxes, which are widely recognized as dangerous gambling and come with online games on consoles and PCs. Before the Gambling, Lottery, and Totalisator Acts transform into a coherent solution, Norway has also to deal with the European Commission concerning legislative changes.

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