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Norway's Gambling Monopoly May Lose Market Privileges

21 May 2020, 15:19
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The Norwegian online gambling industry association (Norsk Bransjeforening for Onlinespill, or NBO) calls on the country's authorities to abandon the monopoly approach to organizing the gambling market. Read the following material and find out what caused the appeal, as well as what is the opinion of specialists on this issue.

Norway's Gambling Monopoly May Lose Market Privileges

The reason for the appeal was the results of relevant studies, which indicate an increase in problem gambling and the number of gambling-dependent citizens of the country.

Representatives of 1Ante noted that the study was conducted at the request of Lotteritilsynet at the University of Bergen. The survey involved 9 thousand respondents aged 16 to 74 years.

Based on the results, the researchers concluded that currently 55 thousand people suffer from problem gambling. According to a similar survey conducted in 2015, the indicator was 34 thousand less.

The new study is also the basis for the assumption that another 122 thousand citizens of Norway are at risk of problems with gambling.

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According to Carl Fredrik Stenstrøm, the NBO secretary general, the association is seriously concerned about the results and believes that the most effective way to reduce the risk for the population is to launch a competitive online gambling market, which should be preceded by the abolition of the existing gaming monopoly.

Stenstrøm also added that the association had long been stating the growth of the online gambling online shadow segment. In modern realities, the model for granting exclusive rights to a gambling monopoly is pretty outdated.

“In fact, the following is observed: more than half of Norwegians use the services of illegal gambling operators, and the authorities do not have effective instruments to regulate operations that occur in the shadow segment of the gambling business,” representatives explain.

Norway's Gambling Monopoly May Lose Market Privileges

Norway's gaming monopoly is currently the company Norsk Tipping. At the same time, according to the head of the association, changing the law and creating a competitive gambling market that will allow licensed operators to provide services will make it possible to reduce the outflow of customers to shadow companies.

As an example, Stenstrøm pointed to Sweden’s regulated market, which was launched in January last year. Strict rules governing the country's industry allow the implementation of the principles of responsible gambling and ensure the protection of consumer rights at a very high level.

Representatives of 1Ante also believe that the lack of regulation and a competitive market in Norway causes significant harm to the country's citizens.

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