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Norway Is Fighting Hard Against Unlicensed Offshore Ops

22 June 2021, 11:21
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As has been informed in the Norwegian legal news, the country’s Ministry of Culture has developed and introduced new legislation for the gambling industry.

Norway Is Fighting Hard Against Unlicensed Offshore Ops

The new law will help it to fight against companies, which don’t hold a gambling license and are located outside the country.

Norway’s Minister is tired of disrespect for the law

The bill is expected to have a great influence on the Norwegian betting industry. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the bill will regulate the market to the full extent, and none of the operators will escape the regulatory bodies’ notice. Such sweeping changes are the result of the government’s intention to stop the operation of illegal bookmakers. The Minister of Culture Abid Raja says that the industry is collapsed by a great number of offshore operators. He has also added that the disrespect for the law is distressing.

The new regulation has been proposed on June 18. It is set to create a single legislative framework based on three previous laws. Under the regulation, Norsk Rikstoto – a state-owned betting foundation – will get an exclusive right to provide gambling services in Norway, while foreign operators won’t be allowed to do this. Another aim of the new regulation is to make the bookmaking sector safer. This will be done by putting restrictions on credit gambling and limits for advertising.

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