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Norway Introduces New Amendments to Gambling Advertising Laws

22 May 2020, 11:50
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According to the latest news about the gambling industry in Norway, the country’s regulators decided to tighten rules for the Internet advertisements of gambling products.

Norway Introduces New Amendments to Gambling Advertising Laws

The Storting, the Norwegian legislature, has announced that it wants to ban online gambling advertising that is launched by companies without licensing. This amendment intensifies the regulatory capacity of the Norwegian Media Authority and significantly restrains the Internet promotion of such products and services.

How will the changes affect gambling businesses?

it is clear that now gambling companies, which don’t hold the license, won’t be able to continue with web advertising as before. Internet providers can block such content if it is illegal. There are only two companies in the country that are eligible to provide gambling services legitimately.

Experts note that new rules will help to get rid of a longstanding loophole in the legal system. It was used by foreign operators for advertising their products on TV in Norway. Moreover, the restriction may also positively influence the prevention of problem gambling.

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