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No More Slot Machines: Prague Wants to Ban Them

10 September 2020, 17:56
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The information about Prague’s intention to prohibit slot machines has created a sensation on the majority of gambling news portals.

No More Slot Machines: Prague Wants to Ban Them

The Czech government is going to put an end to slot machines availability in Prague as its representatives have voted for this decree. Now, the initiative is waiting for the support and confirmation from the city council. This approval will mean a complete ban over electronic, electromechanical, and mechanical gambling machines in the capital of the Czech Republic.

What is the reason for the decision?

According to lawmakers, slots are the most attractive type of gambling entertainment that is full of risks. The city councilor Hana Kordova Marvanová has said that such gaming devices can cause many crimes as well as be dangerous to public safety. Other city leaders have also supported this idea saying that the interest in slot machines has become pathological, and Prague’s authority needs to take some measures to protect players. They also accused operators of finding loopholes in the law to offer services that can cause gambling addiction.

The approval of the decree will lead to the step-by-step removal of gambling devices from the capital. Of course, it will take some time for all of them to disappear. Operators hold a special permit allowing them to provide such services. However, when it expires, they will be forced to stop it immediately.

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