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No Celebrities in UK’s Gambling Ads: CAP Introduces New Rules

23 October 2020, 13:14
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Upcoming gambling news in Great Britain isn’t very promising and positive for operators, as the government is going to introduce more restrictions on advertising.

No Celebrities in UK’s Gambling Ads: CAP Introduces New Rules

Based on public discussions held by the CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice), new rules for gambling advertising may come into effect soon. The committee, responsible for regulating advertising practice and controlling it, takes further steps for preventing minors from being involved in gambling.

A short overview of the ban

According to the CAP, the ban on using celebrities’ images in gambling ads is one of the best measures to protect minors. The decision to propose this law is based on GambleAware’s recent study, which shows that underage UK citizens actually see more gambling ads than it has been supposed. The committee representatives have said that the majority of the current advertising campaigns feature sports and other stars who are appealing to minors.

The CAP will impose a ban on the presence of any TV, sports, social media celebrities in the advertising related to gambling services. This prohibition completes an already existing ban that hides such type of advertising from underage viewers. Now, operators will need to think hard about how to reach their target audience under the conditions of tight regulations.

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