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Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Are Disclosing Odds for Loot Boxes

13 August 2019, 11:00
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Purchasing of randomized virtual items will never be the same – the major game developers have agreed to review their policy regarding loot boxes.

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Are Disclosing Odds for Loot Boxes

Due to the randomness of getting a certain item during the game process, loot boxes have been actively monitored by the governments since their first launch in 2017. The thing is that customers have to pay for that stuff being unaware of what they actually get. Therefore, loot boxes look like gambling for regulators who try to protect customers from the negative influence of such purchases.

That is why the Entertainment Software Association raised this issue with video game companies, some of which (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) made a decision on disclosing loot box odds in their products. Odds are planned to be added into the games starting from 2020. By the way, some developers have already adopted this approach, while others are to implement odds for virtual items by the end of 2020.

According to Nintendo representatives, the company wants their customers to be informed of what they are paying for by giving them odds for all the items to be picked in a loot box. Therefore, the developer will add such option to its new games, as well as make updates for the current ones. Another tool offered by Nintendo for better control over in-game purchases and the playing time is the Switch Parental Control app for smartphones.

Randomized microtransactions are considered unwelcome in many countries, so these steps taken by video games companies may help to solve this problem, and thus loot box purchasing will not be recognized as gambling.

As mentioned earlier, major eSports events of the last week included League of Legend, Overwatch, and PUBG tournaments.

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