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New Zealand Changes Its Policy Regarding Offshore Operators

20 August 2019, 08:35
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Despite the illegality of online gambling advertising for overseas operators in New Zealand, they manage to circumvent the law and get the local citizens’ money. That is why the country’s gambling legislation is about to be updated.

New Zealand Changes Its Policy Regarding Offshore Operators

According to the Internal Affairs Minister, Tracey Martin, offshore gambling operators have earned $380 million in New Zeeland over the past 18 months. The problem is that this money just leaves the country because such online casinos do not have a New Zealand gambling license and accordingly do not pay any taxes. However, this is going to change soon.

Mrs. Martin seeks protection for local gamblers as vulnerable people by implementing new gambling legislation with regard to offshore operators. That is why a range of options related to this issue (licensing conditions for online providers, the necessity of gambling licenses implementation for overseas operators, blocking access to such websites, etc.) has been open for a public discussion.

At the end of September, it will become clear what measures are to be taken by New Zealand authorities, as well as what benefits the country will get from the adoption of such measures. It remains to be seen whether this approach proves its efficiency or offshore online operators find another way to bend the rules and not to pay taxes to the New Zealand budget.    

As mentioned earlier, New Zealand keeps up to date by allowing cryptocurrency to be used as a means of salary payment.

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