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New Token WOZX Breaks into Crypto Markets

8 December 2020, 17:48
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The desire to disrupt the energy-efficiency market forced Steve Wozniak - the co-founder of Apple - not only to launch a startup but also to create a specific token. The Malta-registered firm called Efforce is facing significant interest after presenting the WOZX token. Login Casino analyses the latest cryptocurrency news and explains what this new intriguing initiative is based on and how it disrupts markets.

New Token WOZX Breaks into Crypto Markets

Launching the new cryptocurrency isn't surprising now as everybody tries to become a new Bitcoin or Ethereum. This process has already become similar to the creation of a promising company that makes an initial public proposition (IPO) on the exchange platform but then just disappears.

What is the role of Efforce?

However, the situation with Efforce and WOZX is a different one, and it relies not only on the figure of its primary investor - Steve Wozniak. The co-founder of Apple automatically attracts a lot of attention to his personality, but his approach to the regarded case shows that the fate of Efforce will be different from one-day firms.

Coming to the energy-efficiency market is not only a good label for the businessman if he knows what he is doing. In order to attract additional investments to Efforce, which is focused on buying and implementing more efficient hardware across the globe, Wozniak needed to be available on some exchange markets.

What is the phenomenon of WOZX?

However, the businessman made one step ahead. Instead of presenting his startup with the traditional stocks, he transformed Efforce's shares into token WOZX. It means not only bigger attention to it as the part of the cryptocurrency boom, but also more available to the wider audience. Big business still can invest in any crypto assets, while buying shares is a narrower direction.


In this case, the experienced entrepreneur combined two popular trends into a single one - energy-efficiency and cryptocurrency. Actually, Wozniak suggests everyone to invest in energy-saving technology, and the increasing popularity of Efforce will mean a return on investments.

All these aspects attracted massive attention to WOZX even before its launching. The crypto-token started from about 20 cents per token, while now the price is fluctuating around $1.5 per coin. Not surprisingly that the recent capitalization of the token skyrocketed to almost one billion dollars.

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