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New Sports Betting Regulation in Germany – Key Changes

15 August 2019, 13:45
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Starting from 2020, Germany will oblige bookmaking companies to comply with a temporary gambling regulation, which can result in cutting up to 70% of their revenue.

New Sports Betting Regulation in Germany – Key Changes

On August 13, the Hesse state’s regulator (the Regional Council of Darmstadt) held an informal meeting for German gambling business representatives to familiarize them with the new requirements on sports betting operation in the country.

According to these rules, bookmakers (both online and offline) will have to apply for a sports betting license irrespective of whether they possess another one issued in 2012 or not. And it would be issued only in case the operator stops any non-sports betting activity. By the way, bookmakers wanting to advertise their services will require an additional license for that.

The main novelty is that operators must provide the regulator with the so-called “social concept” that is a special program aimed at dealing with problem gambling and increasing social responsibility. In addition, bookmakers will not be allowed to take bets of over €1,000 from one customer per month.

This regulation will be valid until the end of June 2021, when the new gambling legislation will be drafted by German authorities. By that time, sportsbook operators will have got used to these requirements and will be ready for other changes.  

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