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New Reopening Date for Casinos and Gambling Halls in Denmark

19 May 2021, 14:43
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According to the recent news about the casino vertical, Danish gambling venues will be allowed to welcome visitors very soon.

New Reopening Date for Casinos and Gambling Halls in Denmark

The country follows the example of other states, which have already loosened restrictions.

Other countries where casinos have reopened

The gambling halls and casinos closed in Denmark in December 2020. The country's government planned to reopen them at the beginning of the year, but due to a large number of COVID-19 cases, it decided to delay the opening of such establishments.

The new date is this Friday, May 21, when the doors will be able to reopen. So far, not all the details are known because they must first be published on the Danish Gaming Authority website.

It seems that this decision has been made after the United Kingdom and the United States have decided to reopen their casinos with security measures and distancing between players and workers at the premises. In some UK regions, the activities in the casinos and sports betting venues were resumed on May 17. As the vaccines are administered and the contagion rate decreases, the measures in the casinos will be relaxed.

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