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New Racing Body in New Zealand

26 September 2019, 12:38
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Winston Peters, New Zealand’s Minister for Racing, has conveyed his opinion about the future of the state’s Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA). He hopes this body will help the industry evolve sustainably. 

New Racing Body in New Zealand

RITA has been entrusted to control New Zealand’s racing industry. However, this body will not be a permanent organisation in the sector – the authorities are in the process of developing the new governing structure.

New Zealand’s Minister for Racing has revealed the tasks for Rita. The body has to make decisions that will be beneficial for the market and allow making positive contributions to the country’s economy and allocating some types of findings. Peters has also asked RITA to heed the views of consumers. This will help to understand the betting market in the country is fair and the authorities do everything possible to reduce all potential dangers regarding gambling to a minimum. As for general tasks, the Minister expects RITA to strive for diversity and gender balance on its boards.

The organization is now looking for a new head. The current chief executive will hold the position until Christmas.

As mentioned earlier, New Zealand is going to update the country’s gambling legislation as overseas operators circumvent the law and earn a lot of money there. 

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