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New Measures to Stop Illegal Gambling in Sweden Launched

1 December 2020, 14:31
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The Nordic country launched a new initiative to deal with the black gambling market. Gunnar Larsson became the head of inquiry that has to balance the situation with gambling in Sweden. Login Casino reviews the latest legislation news in gambling and explains what the primary work's directions are.

New Measures to Stop Illegal Gambling in Sweden Launched

What are the issues with digital gambling in Sweden right now?

The issue of illegal online gambling is a global problem, and the Swedish market isn't an exclusion. Even the new regulation, which came into force at the beginning of 2019, didn't help in decreasing the problem of illegal digital gambling platforms. The latest imposed measures like SEK5000 (about €490) weakly limit on gambling only facilitates the issue of illegal playing where the control is absent. Another anti-addiction initiative, the self-exclusion scheme, also doesn't work as the national register isn't connected to the black operators.

The unbalanced approach to digital gambling hits all the sides of the process: state's treasure, punters, and legal operators. As punters want to spend more than €490 per week, they start to find bypassing ways of checking their luck, which leads them to illegal platforms. It means less protection for gamblers, while fewer legal operations also lead to a decrease in revenues and official taxes.

How is the inquiry initiative going to deal with the problems?

All these facts forced the Swedish officials to take decisive steps. Thus, the Director-General of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Gunnar Larsson, was presented as the head of the inquiry. The Ministries of Finance and Social Affairs both confirmed the appointed figure.

The first stage of the process will be a thorough market analysis and research. However, the representatives of the legal part of the industry hope that Larsson will present an effective plan for coping with the existing problems. It can be changed to the licensing process, better financial control of the illegal platforms, changing the weekly limits, or adjusting the state's controlling tools. The official sides hope that the new inquiry will also decrease problems like match-fixing and underage gambling.

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