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New Loot Box Restrictions May Be Established in Sweden

30 October 2019, 15:03
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Sweden may introduce new restrictions regarding loot boxes. This is due to a report submitted by the government in which the issue of the video games’ potential risks for the vulnerable people and children was raised.

New Loot Box Restrictions May Be Established in Sweden

The report sets out a number of recommendations that will help to cope with the negative consequences of gambling in Sweden.

The commission, that submitted the report, claimed that there is a similarity between real-money gambling and loot boxes. According to the report, in spite of the fact that the process of buying an item without having an idea what it can be is not considered as gambling, it falls within the competence of the Gaming Act if the item can be exchanged for real money.

However, the commission did not manage to make clear conclusions. The report states that it is quite a difficult task to access the scope of issues caused by loot boxes in the country.

The country’s Minister for Social Security Shekarabi also shared his opinion with regard to this topic. He said that it is extremely important to take measures to protect consumers from using loot boxes.

As mentioned earlier, the Swedish authorities have punished four gambling operators that decided not to follow the current country’s regulations.

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