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New Information regarding iGaming Licences in the Netherlands

12 November 2019, 12:17
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The Netherland’s body overseeing gambling has provided more details about requesting new online gambling licences in the country, saying that as soon as new regulations enter into force, operators will be able to apply for licences.

New Information regarding iGaming Licences in the Netherlands

In February, the country’s Senate voted in favour of the state’s Remote Gambling Act. Therefore, a regulated online market in this field will be opened in January 2021. Besides, the country’s authorities plan to introduce secondary regulations concerning this sphere on July 1 next year. The country’s gaming regulatory body promises to provide operators with all the necessary information regarding their requirements during the process.

A few types of licences will be available in the country’s market: for peer-to-peer games at a casino, games where casino customers play against operators, betting on diverse sporting events, and betting on horse trotting and racing.

Applications for online gaming licences will cost forty-five thousand euros and they should be written in Dutch. The responsible body will process the submitted application only if the necessary payment has been made, the applicant’s identity is clear and the application is fully completed.

As mentioned earlier, new regulations concerning gambling came into force in the UK. Their aim is to protect customers from diverse gambling risks.

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