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New Gambling Regulations Come into Force in the UK

1 November 2019, 14:26
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Changes to the UK gambling Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) have entered into force on October 31. Their aim is to make gambling safer and fairer for customers.

New Gambling Regulations Come into Force in the UK

The Gambling Commission, which has introduced new rules, will require licence holders to meet additional commitments in dealing with clients at risk of facing gambling-related problems. This includes an evaluation of the influence that interaction has on a gambler and the effectiveness of the overall approach.

The implications will affect all authorizations except for the host, non-remote lottery, gambling software and gaming machine technical ones.

Besides, gambling companies will now be obliged to comply with the Commission’s complementary standards for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). According to new standards, ADR providers have to publish their performance data to provide information on how they are funded and how their independence is ensured. Besides, the process of compensation will undergo a number of changes. For instance, compensations will be determined only by the ADR providers except for the cases when it is appealed in the court.

If ADR providers do not follow these and other rules introduced by the Gambling Commission, they will not be approved for providing services.  

As mentioned earlier, the UK Gambling Commission calls for cooperation with people who have experienced problems caused by gambling.

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