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New Gambling Reforms in Greece

29 October 2019, 16:43
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Greece has adopted a package of legislation including a bill restructuring the gambling laws, aimed to improve the state of the economy in the country.

New Gambling Reforms in Greece

According to the gaming bill, operators will be allowed to go on offering Random Number Generator games, for example, slots. Besides, the bill also states that the licence fee lowers from the original five million euros to three million euros, and sets a thirty-five gross revenue tax for licensees. In addition, before the revenue tax is subtracted, the companies will be required to pay a twenty per cent corporation tax. According to the authorities, this measure will help to eradicate the situations when the companies legally avoid paying taxes.

Moreover, twenty-four online operators who got their temporary licenses eight years ago would be allowed to keep operating under these permits and next year, on March 31, they will have to reapply in order to get new certifications.

The gaming bill also does not allow the companies that were included into the blacklist of operators over the last year, to apply for a licence.

As mentioned earlier, France has introduced a new gambling authority in order to replace the current regulatory body in this field.

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