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New Gambling Authority to Be Launched in France

7 October 2019, 15:53
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France has decided to replace the current gambling regulatory body with a new one – the National Gambling Authority (ANJ). This measure has been taken at the forefront of the French lottery group (FDJ) privatization.

New Gambling Authority to Be Launched in France

According to the authorities, henceforward, the ANJ will be a single regulatory body to supervise gambling in France. The new entity will be given a wide range of competences.

For example, the ANJ will be authorized to issue licenses to the gambling and online betting operators and cope with excessive gambling. Some of the aspects in this field will be overseen by the Ministry due to its specificities.

The changes in this industry will also concern FDJ. It is now owned and managed by the government, but, later this year, its shares will be purchased by institutional and private investors. However, the state will have some impact on FDJ in the future thanks to the presence of a government commissioner on the board. The commissioner will be authorized to oppose controversial decisions.

As mentioned earlier, the French government is planning to privatize the state-owned French lottery group (FDJ) by the end of 2019. The casino trade union urged the government to do this on specific terms.

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