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New Dutch Partnership Will Bring Integrity to Football Betting

16 October 2020, 12:30
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The question of football integrity is often discussed in all news about the betting industry. The Netherlands’ organizations connected with football and betting on sports in the country have signed an agreement, which will help to achieve positive results in this vertical.

New Dutch Partnership Will Bring Integrity to Football Betting

The Dutch National Lottery and the Football Association have pooled efforts to ensure more integrity in betting on football. The organizations have inked a deal – a code of conduct – that should increase the level of responsible gambling awareness among bettors.

What is the aim of the agreement?

The major goal of the agreement is to establish well-regulated relationships between sports betting and football. This partnership will help both sides to promote fair and responsible gambling as well as to create a legally protected environment for bookmaking in the Netherlands.

The code of conduct states that the sports betting sector should be reliable for all participants: from bettors to football clubs. That is why it should be based on three important aspects: safe betting conditions, absence of conflict of interests, and fair football play. The National Lottery and the Football Association representatives have the same opinion that now is the best time for the agreement, as the bookmaking market is gaining popularity. The guidelines will help to minimize risks connected with wagering on football and promote conscious gambling.

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