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New Casino Regulations in Germany

17 September 2019, 14:54
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Three Germany's gaming bodies have supported the third rectified State Treaty on Gambling but they are calling on developing new guidelines in order to legalize online slots.

New Casino Regulations in Germany

The Treaty on Gambling was implemented to limit the number of licensees. Firstly, German authorities did not manage to do anything because of legal gaps. Then, in spring, the guidelines were rectified to get rid of this regulatory loopholes.

The change might help people keep away from illegal establishments and avoid losing jobs and tax revenue.

According to the president of one of these gaming bodies Heinz Basse, the authorities must act carefully not to make the same mistakes. They must take into consideration the quality factor of the companies as the higher quality is the better protection players will get. 

Last month, the executive institution of the EU criticized these regulations. The UC (European Commission) warned it does not stimulate operators well enough to secure licences. However, German authorities assured this would not lead to serious changes. 

According to the analysts, these guidelines will cause decreasing of the licensees' German income.

As mentioned earlier, in September, the Selected Commission on issues of the Social and Economic Influence of the Gambling Industry met to discuss the Gambling Act concluded in 2005.

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