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New Betting Rules in Sweden Explained in More Detail

6 December 2020, 11:24
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The upcoming changes to wagering in Sweden, which will come into effect from the first day of 2021, were clarified in more detail by the local regulator - Spelinspektionen. As the first example of the renewed law left some blackholes and unclear wording, the Swedish regulator had to explain some of the changes. Login Casino reviews the latest betting news and explains what will be changed in Swedish wagering soon.

New Betting Rules in Sweden Explained in More Detail

In the middle of September, Spelinspektionen presented the renewed approach that should be applied in betting. The Swedish regulator decided to deal with match-fixing issues and restrict individual performance' bets. The other portion of the new regulation was related to limiting the number of local leagues to wager on.

The issue of individual performance statistics

The list of renewed rules wasn't immense, but some of the changes led to questions. Thus, the prohibition to make bets on the individual performance of underage sportspeople needed even a few clarifications. Spelinspektionen explained that this item must be restricted on the betting platforms concerning football scoring and shots' statistics.

However, the limitation also includes individual performance in skiing, tennis, table tennis, athletics, shooting, and badminton. Nevertheless, the underage individual performance rule won't work on the double-mate (pair competitions) matches like tennis if two or more participants are 18+.

The location aspect

As the new law relates to in-Sweden competitions only, there was a question about the events that have a few legs and can be played in the country and abroad. Spelinspektionen clarified that such sporting events will be part of the prohibition and must be excluded from the list for possible wagering. The same type of restrictions will be applied to esports competitions held in Sweden.

At the same time, bets on individual statistics will be permitted for the events that are organized outside Sweden. According to the plan, such an approach doesn't facilitate match-fixing inside the country, which is the regulator's primary target.

This initiative met some kind of opposition. Some betting business representatives claimed that these limitations would facilitate illegal wagering.

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