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New Beginnings for Virtual Sports Betting

26 March 2020, 15:45
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According to Slotegrator, despite the COVID-19’s massive impact on the live sports betting industry, there are still positive prospects for the online betting sector. As it is stated in the company’s blog article, the widespread cancellation of live sporting events will provide an opportunity for other betting segments like virtual sports to develop to their full potential.

New Beginnings for Virtual Sports Betting

Slotegrator encourages operators to expand their casino content offering to virtual sports, as the demand for it will reach new highs. The Euro 2020 football championship has been postponed to 2021 (read the latest info about Euro matches fixing), disappointing football fans around the world. However, virtual sports provider Betradar has the perfect solution – a virtual edition of the tournament. This is the first great example of how virtual sports can fill the gap in punters’ lives created by the cancellation of their favorite sporting events, and, according to Slotegrator, it is only the beginning of the evolution of virtual sports.

To get a more in-depth look at how virtual sports products can offset revenue losses caused by the cancellation of major real sports events, read Slotegrator’s new blog post. In the post, Slotegrator has summarized the ongoing effects of Coronavirus on the sports betting industry – and shed some light on the potential of virtual sports. Slotegrator predicts a rise in virtual sports betting and encourages operators to integrate game content from Betradar and Golden Race with the company’s APIgrator solution.

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