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New Agreement between AEAT and DGOJ

11 October 2019, 14:44
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Tax agency la Agencia Tributaria (AEAT) and regulator from Spain Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) have continued their cooperation and signed a new agreement.

New Agreement between AEAT and DGOJ

According to the document, the DGOJ will get access to the information regarding operator’s observation of tax laws, their payments to the AEAT and withholdings as well as payments concerning State Lottery prizes.

The tax agency, in its turn, will have access to the DGOJ’s data regarding gaming accounts. This information will be used by the AEAT in order to combat tax fraud.

The parties signed the first agreement five years ago. Its aim was to create an overall framework of cooperation. According to that agreement, the AEAT committed to send the regulator information on operators’ self-assessment towards the Spanish gaming tax every three months and on the tax obligations for the licensing, registration and authorizations of the game every day. DGOJ also had a few responsibilities. One of them was to provide the information on the number of participants in each kind of games by operator and total gross gaming revenue by operator.

As mentioned earlier, according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s report, the country’s government has received 191 million dollars in revenues from gambling operators. That is twice the expected amount.

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