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New Agency to Harmonize Spanish Gambling Has Been Created

28 December 2020, 14:44
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The Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) and the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) have agreed to create a new agency that will harmonize the gambling sector in Spain. Login Casino follows the latest legislation news in gambling and explains the new agency’s goals and how it will help the industry in Spain.

New Agency to Harmonize Spanish Gambling Has Been Created

Spain’s governors are taking steps towards better gambling standardization and regulation. Thus, two responsible bodies, DGOJ and UNE, have signed the deal to create a new agency that will be controlling better harmonization in the gambling industry.

What are the new agency’s tasks?

There will be multiple tasks for the new body. Thus, it has to unify gambling rules and requirements across all the 17 regions and adjust them to the European standards. The process will include gathering feedback from the autonomous areas and developing the best fit in terms of requirements and legislation.

The desire to be closer to the rest of EU gambling regulation also means participation in international conferences. The new agency will be sharing and collecting information about how the gambling regulation should be organized and what are the effects of particular implementations.

Another side of the newly created body is to standardize the technical side of the process. Thus, it includes unified monitoring and testing systems to control a game of chance offers on the Spanish gambling market. The agency will also implement the technical side of the self-exclusion schemes planned to launch in the upcoming year.

Stakeholders also should be pleased with the innovative regulatory body, as it has to bring more clarity into the advertising sector. Thus, Spanish officials prohibited betting ads in sports, breaking the sponsorship balance even for sports clubs and organizations. The new agency should bring a smoother and more flexible approach to the game-changing cases and ensure more harmony in the gambling sphere.

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