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New Ad Restrictions in Spain

19 November 2019, 13:08
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Spanish regulatory body in the field of igaming has introduced a number of changes regarding the code of conduct that regulates gambling advertising, including an absolute prohibition of betting advertisements during sports events broadcasting live, which will come into force in January next year.

New Ad Restrictions in Spain

The above-mentioned amendments include three important principles concerning responsible gambling, ethics and the protection of underage.

Regarding ethics, the new regulations state that all advertisements must not use information, which could confuse people.

In terms of ads, they must not cause addictive gambling behaviors and suggest that participating in gambling activities would help consumers to improve their financial as well as personal situations. Meanwhile, all ads must contain messages regarding possible negative consequences of gambling.  

Licensees are also obliged to inform the country’s gambling regulator if a third party is accepting advertising on their own behalf.  In addition, licence holders should not promote repetitive gambling activities or suggest that players would receive rewards for compulsive behavior.

As mentioned earlier, the Netherland’s gambling regulatory body has supplied more information concerning the process of obtaining new igaming licences.

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