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Negreanu at WSOP Europe: Flashback

4 October 2019, 11:17
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The WSOP Europe Main Event was held in London exactly 10 years ago. The final table consisted of both well-known professionals as well as not very famous players.

Negreanu at WSOP Europe: Flashback

The list of other participants included Praz Bansi, James Akenhead, Jason Mercier, Barry Shulman, Chris Bjorin, Antoine Saout, Markus Ristola, and Matthew Hawrilenko.

As soon as it came to heads-up, Negreanu was aiming for the WSOP prize. Shulman did not show any sign of emotion. A big clash between the two pro poker players was imminent. Only one card was standing between ‘Kid Poker’ and the desired bracelet.

Eventually, the first place was taken by Shulman whose money prize amounted to approximately 1.3m US dollars. Negreanu received a bit more than $817 thousand. The third place and almost $600 thousand went to Bansi.

However, four years later ‘Kid Poker’ managed to win the WSOPE bracelet.

As mentioned earlier, Phil Ivey had a successful play but faced problems when he decided to collect the money he had managed to win.

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