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National Lottery Win Made a Guy Unemployed – And He Is Happy about It

12 August 2019, 10:42
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The Set for Life jackpot has found its fourth owner who managed to get the main prize having matched 5 balls and the Life Ball in the UK National Lottery.  

National Lottery Win Made a Guy Unemployed – And He Is Happy about It

The 24-years-old Peterborough citizen Dean Weymes has become literally set for life – he will receive £10 thousand every month for the next 30 years. Unsurprisingly, that a guy who previously had to work even on weekends immediately quit his job at Amazon.

£3.6 million is the total amount a lucky winner will get when his entire prize is paid out. Therefore, Dean took a decision to become a scriptwriter and no longer have a regular job he does not like. According to the Briton, movies and theatres have always been his passion, so now he has got an opportunity to devote himself to writing scripts.

Among other things Dean is going to try in the nearest future are a tandem skydive and a balloon ride. In addition, Mr. Weymes wants to please his family by organizing a trip to Disney Land in order to get some new impressions and indulge in the sphere he is going to be involved in. 

From the moment when the Set for Life drawing was established (March 18 of this year), it is the fourth case of winning its top prize. Basing on the fact that lottery winnings are non-taxable in the UK, Dean will be able to spend every last penny of the prize the way he likes. 

As mentioned earlier, the EuroMillions lottery has recently produced another millionaire couple.

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