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National Lottery Operator Got in Corruption Scandal in RSA

9 December 2020, 16:25
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On December 8, the RSA’s National Lottery Commission (NLC) was inspected by the local Special Investigation Unit (SIU). The upper governmental body removed hardware and documentation for further research as the NLC is suspected in a number of financial scams. Login Casino follows the latest lottery news and describes the preconditions of the in-state misconduct.

National Lottery Operator Got in Corruption Scandal in RSA

The tensions between the National Lottery Commission of South Africa and local upper-governmental bodies significantly increased. The RSA’s president, Ramaphosa, personally insisted on the investigation of the NLC activity due to several suspicious actions they did.

According to the reports, there are multiple cases that will be reviewed, starting with possible scams in 2014. Among the recent ones are dozens of suspicious transactions and cheating with grants, totaling $367 000. Such a number was presented by another RSA’s governmental structure - the Ministry of Trade and Industry. NCL’s COO, Letwaba, is linked to ‘disappeared’ grants totaling $4M.

Why did the active checking phase start?

One of the primary reasons can be the personality of NCL’s director - Alfred Nevhutanda. He refused to leave his position after his two-term heading period ended last year. The government even began the procedure of public replacement on December 1.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning a rather suspicious lottery draw last week. The state operator presented the winning combination that was six consecutive numbers, starting from 5 and finishing with 10. Even though such a lottery variant is theoretically possible, the probability of such an outcome is counted by trillions.

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