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National Lottery Fraud

7 October 2019, 11:30
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On October 4 the St. Albans Crown Court came down with an unfavourable verdict in Edward Putman’s case. The man was found guilty of fraud that involved a fake £2.5 million claim.

National Lottery Fraud

The fifty-four-year-old scammer received a nine-year-sentence since it was not the first time he violated the law. Among Putman’s previous convictions were a sexual assault of an underage and benefits fraud.

Last September the man was charged on suspicion of conspiracy with a Camelot lottery worker to claim the prize in the amount of 2.5 million pounds a few days before the deadline for staking a claim. The National Lottery employee reportedly invented the scam having seen the internal list of the operator’s unclaimed jackpots.

Putman took a damaged lottery ticket with winning numbers and submitted it. Though, the ticket did not have any bar code in order to prevent Camelot from verifying it’s authenticity. It was Putman’s greediness that spoiled the well-organized scheme. The 54-year old man refused to give his co-conspirator the share he had been expecting. The Camelot worker threatened to reveal Putman’s former convictions, which made Putman tell the police that he was blackmailed.

Because of the feeling he had been betrayed by a true friend, the lottery worker committed suicide in 2015.

Eventually, the UKGC imposed a fine of 3 million pounds on Camelot for failures in the damaged ticket process. The true lucky winner of the 2009 prize has never shown up.

As mentioned earlier, the UK government is going to change the minimum age for the National Lottery scratchcard-lovers.

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