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Musk Approved Tesla Purchases via Bitcoin

24 March 2021, 14:05
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The owner of the popular electric car brand Tesla announced via Twitter that now cars can be bought with bitcoins without any extra conversion to fiat money. Login Casino follows the hottest cryptocurrency news, giving more details about the case.

Musk Approved Tesla Purchases via Bitcoin

Even though it was a matter of time when Tesla received payments with Bitcoin, the world was still waiting for the official approval. The confirmation happened today when Elon Musk tweeted that crypto-holders can buy Tesla without additional conversions.

A bit later, he added that this option was available for US citizens only, but the rest of the world would join the new payment option in 2021. Musk also noted that bitcoins wouldn't be converted into fiat money by Tesla and would be stored as cryptos.

Recently, the price of BTC fluctuates around $55 000 per coin, while Tesla cars can be bought starting with $42K and up to $124K.

Musk facilitates cryptocurrencies

The owner and CEO of Tesla Inc. has already made the step towards boosting the inrush financial phenomenon - cryptocurrencies. In February 2021, he announced a huge $1.5B investment into Bitcoin. As the deal was agreed with FinCEN, it caused a huge price splash of the BTC, bringing another impulse to cryptos this year.

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