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Most Swedes Positively Perceive Gambling Industry in 2020

14 December 2020, 17:31
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The CEO of Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index), Johan Palmer, presented the annual survey results concerning the attitude of citizens towards the gambling industry. According to the report, customer satisfaction has increased compared to the previous year by 6%. Our digital outlet updates the latest gambling news and presents a detailed review of the interesting survey.

Most Swedes Positively Perceive Gambling Industry in 2020

The representatives of the Svenskt Kvalitetsindex held a poll (1500 citizens took part in it) concerning the gambling industry in Sweden. While the previous year's result showed that only 58% of the respondents had a positive attitude towards the Swedish gambling industry, this year, the number increased up to 64%.

However, customer satisfaction wasn't the only aspect that has grown, as the trust has also increased. Nevertheless, it is still critically low at the level of 40%, compared to 35% in 2019. Interestingly, Swedish gamblers prefer to play on the trusted platforms, and more than 65% have said they are satisfied with the operator they have chosen.

Even lower numbers are the result of the question about the operators' care measures. Thus, about 20% of the not-involved citizens believe that gambling operators care about clients. A four-time lower rate is the result of the simple question 'do you know how to check if the operator is licensed?' which is a frustrating number.

Interestingly, but the effect of coronavirus on the gambling frequency was balanced. Thus, about one-third of the respondents confirmed they began to play more often, while the same amount of citizens said they decreased the frequency of touching the gambling. At the same time, only 2.6% agreed that they are gambling too much.

How do experts explain those results?

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Palmer is sure that those rates, especially the 64% satisfaction one, is a positive change across society. Taking into account that the renewed gambling regulation came into effect only the previous year, a 6% increase is the move in the right direction.

Also, the CEO of Svenskt Kvalitetsindex proved that the gambling industry finally left the 'great dissatisfaction' zone, which is usually determined by the Swedish indexing organ at the level of 60%. Palmer claims that Swedes are on the right to perceiving gambling, and further changes should be positive.

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