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Mobile Xbox App, 15M Subscribers, Game Developer - What is Next?

22 September 2020, 16:02
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Microsoft gaming department makes giant steps towards more significant influence in the cybersport sphere. Even though Microsoft's latest esports news dedicated to the upcoming new version of the gaming console Xbox Series S, the company continues surprising. MS has presented a mobile Xbox application, reported about 15 million subscribers to Xbox Game Pass, and announced buying ZeniMax Media for almost 8 billion dollars.

Mobile Xbox App, 15M Subscribers, Game Developer - What is Next?

The uprising tendency of cybersport popularity forces huge IT corporations to make appropriate decisions. Even though Microsoft made significant progress in accelerating the influence of Xbox consoles in the market, the company decided to take another step towards more power. Thus, the firm announced buying a game developing corporation ZeniMax Media, which owns Bethesda Softworks. The latter is among the most impactful game developers globally, which produced such popular games as DOOM, Fallout, Quake, Wolfenstein, and many others. The $7.5B deal should be closed to the end of the year, while Xbox owners will receive access to company-made games just after release.

Xbox Game Pass achieves a new peak in the number of subscribers

Microsoft's spring reports stated that Xbox Game Pass had overcome 10-million-point in the number of subscribers. Game Pass utilizes a widely used gaming approach when the monthly subscription allows its owner to play diverse games without buying them. Before announcing the deal with ZeniMax, MS stated about 15 million subscribers on their gaming platform, which means 5M new participants in only half of the year, significantly outnumbering opponents from Sony and Origin.

Xbox Mobile app is coming

Also, Microsoft announced a mobile application that should increase gamers' involvement during the process and make social-media sharing easier and more exciting. Still, the app is available for Android devices only and in the Beta version, but steps towards new gaming experience will likely keep the corporation at the top of the cybersport industry.

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