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MLA Sinn Féin: “Gambling Laws in Northern Ireland Are Out of Date”

21 February 2020, 13:51
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Recently, MLA Sinn Féin representative Sinéad Ennis has announced that gambling laws in Northern Ireland should be modernized based on new technologies and types of gambling. According to her, the main problem is that current gambling regulations aren’t strict enough to protect young and gambling-addicted people.

MLA Sinn Féin: “Gambling Laws in Northern Ireland Are Out of Date”

It’s quite surprising but gambling regulations in Northern Ireland haven’t been updated since 1985! That’s why the set of laws is, of course, too out of date to use it in the modern world. Sinéad Ennis presented the document with the list of recommendations for improving the gambling situation in the country. It’s entitled Problem Gambling Policy document. It calls for the recognition that gambling isn’t just games but the problems of the public’s mental health as well.

The list of recommendations includes the requirement to establish an Independent Gambling Regulator, to implement age verification on online casinos together with warnings about possible risks connected with money, to bring new rules for licensing of gaming machines, and many more.

Current gambling laws are far from reality

In her interviews, Sinéad Ennis emphasizes that the existing laws aren’t enough for protecting the country citizens from gambling’s negative impact. For instance, online betting is available 24 hours – casino websites don’t have any restrictions on time. She has also added that when it comes to responsibility, gambling establishments usually find breaches in their competitors’ practice and refuse their own deviations from the law.

Sinéad Ennis is sure that the new gambling regulator will significantly help to solve the problems connected with a negative impact of such activities on society in whole and young people who are excessively involved in gambling in particular.

As mentioned earlier, the British gambling regulator announced new regulations concerning Twitter.

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