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Minor Gambling Is not a Real Problem in Spain

8 October 2019, 15:40
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The Spanish police carried out the first major police operation against the gambling halls in Spain within the framework of the “Arcade Operation”. The operation resulted in the identification of a total of 28 minors.

Minor Gambling Is not a Real Problem in Spain

During two days, La Policía Nacional visited 1,881 gambling halls situated in different regions of Spain. Their objective was to check whether they comply with current regulations regarding the prohibition of access by minors to them. Only 28 cases of minors gambling were detected.

Among Spanish media, it is a common opinion that underage gambling is widespread in the country. However, according to the Spanish operator association Consejo Empresarial del Juego (CEJUEGO), the results of the operation proved that this opinion does not correspond to reality. The association’s director also shared his opinion regarding the above-mentioned operation. He claims it turned out to be quite exhaustive. The results reaffirm the need to improve technological systems that control access to gambling establishments but there are no serious issues concerning minors visiting gaming halls.

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish Ombudsman has addressed to the country’s government and recommended to think of a total prohibition of gambling advertising across Spain.

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