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Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall Have Reached Compromise

14 August 2020, 11:22
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A popular topic in all poker news is Mike Postle’s legal argument with Stones Gambling Hall based on possible cheating of the former. However, the judicial case is approaching the end, as both sides are ready to settle the argument.

Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall Have Reached Compromise

According to the latest information about the case and comments provided by an attorney Mac VerStandig, the poker player and the casino have already reached a compromise, but they need more time to discuss all details. That is why he has requested the time extension for this case.

What is the issue of the case?

Mike Postle was accused of cheating at Stones Gambling Hall. According to the casino representatives, it happened in low-stakes games. Several professional poker players supported the casino in this accusation and legal action. Mike’s non-standard way of playing and several successive wins looked suspicious. The player has won more than 300 000 US dollars, and it looks like he has had access to hole cards.

Now the attorney needs several more days for considering the case. He says that he will have negotiations with all eighty-eight plaintiffs who work with gambling-related legal actions, to deliver the final verdict. As the initial complaint has been amended, the decision for the case is postponed. September 11 is the preliminary date for specifying the settlement terms.

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