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Microsoft Wants to Increase Xbox Presence in Japan

9 November 2020, 13:57
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In order to enlarge the presence in the Japanese console market, Microsoft prepares a few purchases. At the same time, Sony tries to increase its influence in the US. Login Casino reviews the latest esports news and the situation with a battle among consoles, which is way actual after the launch of new Sony PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox gaming devices.

Microsoft Wants to Increase Xbox Presence in Japan

Are Sony and Microsoft targeting opposing markets?

The disposition of the gaming consoles and related sales is quite interesting now. Microsoft and Sony have developed a new series of gaming consoles, Xbox S/X and PlayStation 5, respectively. The sales process started in November, and the reports from eBay show that Japanese products are twice in more demand among consumers.

This market situation is facilitated by Sony's desire to conquer the US market, which has even led to moving headquarters to California in 2016. In four years, Microsoft feels confident enough to try to increase its presence in the Japanese market and prepares to buy a few game developers in Sony's homeland. It should enlarge the tiny Xbox 0.1% console market share in Japan, which is dominated by Nintendo (89.8%) and PlayStation (10.1%).

Why is Microsoft interested in Japan while Sony turns attention to the US?

Japan is the third-largest market in terms of video game consoles, following the US and China. However, the Land of the Rising Sun is the leader in terms of game spendings per person, making it a target for the rising giant.

Nintendo's dominance is quite clear - the company develops a unique games' lineup for the Asian market, which shows its dedication to Japan. At the same time, Sony is widely criticized by Japanese gamers and authorities for turning its attention to the US and forgetting about specifics of gaming in its homeland.

In this regard, the possible buying of a few game-developing organizations inside Japan should give Microsoft a more prepared game lineup for the new market. Also, the recent Xbox's fractional share in the Asian country is the outcome of passive marketing in the former years. The development of the smallest gaming console ever (Xbox S) gives Microsoft more significant opportunities to receive much bigger support among Japanese gamers.

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