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MGA Published Sports Integrity Guidelines Based on Consultations

5 October 2020, 13:52
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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has released new guidelines related to the sports betting sector and sports integrity, according to recent betting news.

MGA Published Sports Integrity Guidelines Based on Consultations

A few months ago, the MGA launched the consultation period dedicated to the questions connected with suspicious sports betting and sports integrity. It allowed the authority to get feedback from experts about the upcoming measures in the market. The MGA has summarized the information provided by operators, industry-related companies, and international market representatives and published it as the guidelines.

What information does the guidance paper contain?

It is worth mentioning that the gambling control body has published one more document in addition to the main guide – the summary of all feedbacks. According to it, the majority of the consultation participants have supported the new directive. The experts who have taken part in the poll have considered sports betting integration from various points of view and the industry aspects.

As for the guidelines paper, it provides a set of requirements connected with the following topics:

  • sports integrity in general;
  • methods for reporting of suspicious betting cases;
  • data collection tools;
  • the solution of customer disputes;
  • industry performance return;
  • and others.

These requirements for operators will help the Sports Integrity Unit (SIU) to gather information about suspicious wagering on sports and get reports from licensees. It will allow the authority to monitor the industry better, detect and protect it from illegal manipulations.

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