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MGA Licensed Casinos Will Return Less Money to Players

31 May 2021, 15:00
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Customers of land-based and online casinos regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority may disappoint with the newly approved reforms. The organization revised its Player Protection Directive and supported an amendment in favour of Malta-licensed gambling establishments. As a result, gamblers will face a decrease in the minimum allowable RTP percentage. While this ratio is 92% now, the new measure will bring it down to 85%.

MGA Licensed Casinos Will Return Less Money to Players

Why does the jurisdiction change the RTP?

MGA held a special private meeting with various industry representatives, including B2B and B2C operators, shareholders and consultants. They discussed not only the decrease in RTP percentage but also the potential consequences of this serious decision. The meeting participants analysed the change in terms of its impact on the competitive position of Malta-licensed casinos in the global gambling market.

Besides that, MGA and shareholders based their decision on the policies of other reputable gambling organizations operating in the European Union. They compared the RTP percentages along with other important aspects like responsible gambling policies. The MGA will publish the meeting’s summary and comparative research results paper shortly.

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