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Meet the New Project by Slotegrator: Talentgrator

1 February 2021, 16:13
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Slotegrator’s team has been developing solutions for every aspect of the casino business since 2012. As a leading software provider and aggregator, it handles all the project’s issues and problems while its clients are busy calculating revenue. The company provides software, integrates games, assists with license acquisition, and offers technical, legal, and administrative support. Now it is taking services to a new level: its new solution tackles the issue of recruitment.

Meet the New Project by Slotegrator: Talentgrator

No gambling project, of any kind or scale, can just run itself. Every gambling business needs a team of professionals, from C-level specialists to operational staff, including office maintenance and assistance. In Slotegrator’s years of experience, it has seen it all. Running an online gambling platform is no easy task; it requires time and patience, and talent. But finding the talent is easier said than done; searching for a single employee can be exhausting, let alone gathering an entire team from scratch.

Slotegrator is used to helping gambling businesses develop, and all its solutions are always discussed in gambling news. To maximize efficiency, it’s best to delegate as many aspects of the business as possible to a single company. That’s why the company has decided to launch Talentgrator — a platform where professionals looking for opportunities and companies looking for talent can find each other. Companies can trust the platform to fill their vacancies, and individuals can find openings in any area of the gambling sector in Eastern and Western Europe, quickly and with Slotegrator’s full assistance.

This is what Talentgrator believes recruitment should be:

•             fast — a ready database to choose from;

•             simple — no annoying organizational complications;

•             flexible — individual approach to each requirement;

•             multilevel — professionals at any level and from any area of the gambling sector;

•             safe — replacement in case a candidate isn’t the right fit.

Talentgrator is a solution for both online and land-based casinos, as well as other gambling projects. Whether you need to recruit a single specialist or hire a full team, here you can find people for any department, at any level, from office maintenance to directors and managers. Slotegrator guarantees a fast solution with its vast database of professionals. You will avoid pointless paperwork, save time and money, and the company will find the professionals you’re looking for.

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