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Martin Lycka: “Regulators and Operators Have to Be in One Boat to Ensure Safe Gambling”

1 May 2020, 11:51
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Martin Lycka, a Director of Regulatory Affairs at GVC Holdings, is sure that gambling companies should use special tools to create a safe gambling environment for a user. However, the expert has also added that a government, regulator, and operators have to cooperate because they have one aim – to protect customers from excessive gambling.

Martin Lycka: “Regulators and Operators Have to Be in One Boat to Ensure Safe Gambling”

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Martin says that, of course, all segments of the gambling market face changes and it means that customer behavior pattern changes as well. People from around the globe watch Belarusian football and bettors have nothing to stake on because sports events are canceled. It influences customer behavior and control over the situation is very important nowadays.

“Gambling companies should choose better programs and introduce new features to provide their customers with the best gambling experience. They should deliver safer gambling messages and improve their research tools to fight against problem gambling. Regulations and jurisdictions take different approaches to protective measures. This information should be reflected in our thinking,” said Lycka.

The expert has also noted that he is a big believer in gambling services affordability during the lockdown and after it. He has said that times like these have an extraordinary impact on people’s money spending patterns. The focus on purchasing things that are essential for life is opposite to gambling entertainment. Hard-coded limits aren’t the solution because gamblers may switch to the black market. Affordability is paramount.

Speaking about measures that should be taken for customer safety, Martin has added: “Of course, some temporary measures can be converted into life-long. We are learning lessons, introducing additional measures to people to find the way out. At the same time, the industry has to step ahead. A government, operators, and regulators need to be in one boat because they have one goal – customer protection”.

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