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Marko Stokuca: “Coronavirus Has Revealed Potential in Certain Gambling Areas”

3 May 2020, 11:25
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According to the latest news from gambling commissions and operators, it is a new time for the industry that can do both: damage some of its sectors, and, vice versa, open more opportunities and show more ways for further development.

Marko Stokuca: “Coronavirus Has Revealed Potential in Certain Gambling Areas”

Marko Stokuca, a Deputy Director of the Gaming and Game Development Division of the national lottery of Croatia, has commented on the current state of the market:

“We haven’t expected that a situation like this (I mean, the pandemic), can happen. Of course, the gambling industry wasn’t ready for this, and the lottery segment in particular. However, now is high time for operators to maximize online channels and bring awareness to players.”

The expert has shared information about how the pandemic has influenced the national lottery and other gambling types in his country and how they are dealing with this impact:

“It is needless to say that the online casino segment is the most popular gambling entertainment nowadays. That is why I have decided to focus on it, first of all. We offered promotions to our newly registered users and it helped us to increase the number of players by 7 times! There aren’t any popular sports to bet on during the pandemic but we have added all options that are still “alive”: for example, football matches in some African countries, minor leagues, etc. We have also decided to push eSports as much as possible and have included horse races and sumo wrestling in the list of our betting offers.”

However, the speaker has noted that, based on the results that they see, eSports and virtual football aren’t a good substitution for real football. People still want to bet on real human beings.

Marko has said that the government of Croatia makes huge steps to provide assistance to businesses. It will help them to survive in the post-COVID-19 world. It focuses on the country’s whole economy, not only on the gambling market. In the expert’s opinion, lottery operators should show solidarity and responsible actions to support the government’s initiatives in this difficult period.

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