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Males Bet More on Football and Horses in the UK

15 March 2021, 15:39
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The UK's gambling treatment and prevention portal GambleAware commissioned the report about British punters' gambling behavior. The platform came with interesting results, where the males demonstrated total dominance in the bookmaking sector, while the major priority belongs to only two sports. Login Casino follows the most shaking betting news, now presenting the most interesting findings.

Males Bet More on Football and Horses in the UK

The regarded survey was conducted between July 2018 and June 2019, while only now appeared in the public sector. Nonetheless, the behavioral research is always actual, and timeframes aren't the problem, especially if there were about 140 000 participants in it.

Males dominate in betting

One of the most interesting outcomes for the betting industry appears the dominance of males, who are making about 94% of all bets. However, the proportion of active accounts in this direction isn't as huge as men holding about 78% of registered punters. The latest number correlates with the average number of bets made by opposite genders, where males are five-time more active. However, the average bet number isn't so huge, with £5.25 for men and £4.13 for women.

Minorities bring revenues

Another crucial number relates to activity, where about 5% of total bookmaking accounts are generating about 86% of the overall Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) of the industry. At the same time, if to focus on the biggest annual stakes instead of account spendings, about 10% of accounts brought 79% of GGY. Those numbers go in parallel with the average annual spending by an account, where almost 85% of the bettors haven't bet more than £200.

Football and horse racing popularity in the UK

Among the other trendy aspects to mention are the preferences of punters. Thus, football and horse racing are the two dominant sports that attract British bettors, holding more than 80% of the sector's total GGR. Operators' revenues were formed by 50% due to football and 31% thanks to horse racing bets.

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