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Malaysia to Increase Gambling Penalties

16 October 2019, 13:44
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On Friday, Malaysia’s authorities introduced the country’s budget for the next year. It sets out that gambling operators, as well as gamblers, will receive serious punishment.

Malaysia to Increase Gambling Penalties

Besides, according to the country’s budget for 2020, the number of 4-digit lottery draws during a year will be reduced to 8.

Those who will gamble will be required to face a penalty of 100,000 Malaysian ringgits. That means that the authorities will increase the penalty twentyfold. Besides, the violators will be imprisoned for a term of at least six months.

As for the unauthorized gambling operators, the minimum penalty they will face will be one million Malaysian ringgits. In the matter of the maximum penalty, there is no information concerning this in the new budget.

It is noteworthy that the authorities introduced the stricter punishments after the country’s police officers announced they had arrested two hundred and forty-seven people involved in unlawful gambling operations.

The introduced budget should now be passed by Parliament and only after that, it will become a law.  

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese authorities supported Cambodia’s decision to ban online gambling. China also expects the Philippines to do the same.

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